Verna’s Offers An Excellent Service, Fantastic Fresh Fish, And Succulent Meat Directly from Galicia.

Verna's terrace seating
You may be surprised by this roadside restaurant on your way up to El Teide as at Verna’s, you can expect a meticulously clean restaurant with excellent service, fantastic fresh fish, and succulent meat directly from Galicia.
Interior of Verna's

The chef-owner Paco has over 30 years of experience in the restaurant industry but only acquired Verna’s nearly 3 years ago. With his continuous passion for a fantastic dining experience and the service provided by Bernardo, this restaurant will leave you speechless… Making this dining spot one of the favorites for locals and residents.

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Business Hours:
They are closed on Mondays.
Tues- Sun 12pm-11pm

WIFI name: Infotac PW: cocinagallega
Phone: 922 72 64 80

Carretera de la Camella, 38649 Arona (Santa Cruz de Tenerife), España, 38649 Arona
Arona, Canarias, Spain 38627

Verna's Menu of the Day

Special of the Day Menu-
Before you walk inside or open the menu, take a look at Verna’s specials of the day. You will not be disappointed at the array of fresh fish and meat!

Calamari at Verna's

If you’re going to have this classic, you won’t go wrong here.
The batter is light and crisp and the squid is perfectly tender.

Rabas- more meatier than calamari

Part of the squid family is prepared very similarly like Calamari.
The difference in this long thicker cut will give you a more meaty flavor… tender flesh with crispy batter.

Pulpo a la Gallega

Octopus a la Gallega-
Not all octopus we’ve had were good but Paco, once again, does it right in this Galician style… nice cut and sprinkled with sweet pimiento powder.


Excellent Chipirones at Verna's

Baby Squids/ Chipirones-
I prefer more grilled than fried so these were perfectly tender in lemon and garlic sauce.
Nice texture and Yum!

Fantastic seafood soup at Verna's

Seafood Soup-
This very hearty and comforting soup is filled with loads of seafood including mussels, clams, prawns, squid, fish chunks, and pasta noodles.
It is very filling which will leave you complete with a smile.


Best mussels in Tenerife

Mussels in Sailor sauce-
By far, this is the Best sailor sauce we’ve tasted in the South of Tenerife. Unlike a lot of restaurants where the sauce is weak and too runny, at Verna’s their sauce is full of flavors with a bit of kick and smokiness.
We had this multiple times and it’s always been consistent. Be sure to ask Bernardo to serve with bread as you will want to soak up every last drop!


Roasted Leg of Lamb-
Really good roasted lamb and a large portion, for your money.


Fresh fish at Verna's

Fresh Fish of the Day-
Oh my oh, my!
Skate was on the special menu of the day, so soft and tender, it melted in your mouth like a butter.
Highly recommended if this is on the menu!


my favorite lamb cutlet is at Verna's

Lamb cutlets-
I love grill marks vs. some pan-seared meat. And I also love slight char on the outside with succulent tenderness in the middle.
At Verna’s, you will get the additional flavors from the high-temperature grill which makes this perfect to pick up with your hands and chomp it down.

Chuleton from SalamancaThis aged Ribeye from Salamanca is absolutely phenomenal. The flavors are amazing and so succulent.
This Ribeye left such lingering taste, in a good way of course, which I couldn’t help but think about them thereafter.
Of course, it was perfetly grilled and cooked to perfetion!


Superb Filet Mignon at Verna's

Filet Mignon-
Perfectly prepped and grilled; this fresh filet melted in the mouth and made me debate if I wanted a second portion right then and there!
Highly recommend!

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