Excellent Presentation And Much Better Overall Taste After Our 2nd Visit at The Restaurant Tijl.

Inside Tijl

We first visited this restaurant back in June of 2017 and whilst the presentation appeared excellent and the interesting description of menu items brought much anticipation and excitement we were disappointed with the combinations of the dishes. However, upon a return visit recently with several of our friends, we found that changes have been made and the combinations were significantly enhanced creating great pairings for the cuisine and wine they serve. With an eclectic charm, prompt and good service, we are happy to announce that Tijl made the list of Our Favorites in the South of Tenerife.

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Business Hours:
Closed Mondays
Tues- Sun 12pm- 10pm

Phone:  922 52 39 11

Avenida Jose Antonio Tavio Alfonso 3a
Costa Del Silencio 38640

StartersSeafood Tapas

Collection of Seafood Tapas:
Octopus with mushroom and paprika salad with red wine and orange vinegarette sauce is much better as it isn’t overpowered by so many mushrooms.
Large tiger prawns are very good which is paired with the saffron aioli. The Gravlax comes with honey mustard, red caviar and dill sauce.

Meat Tapas

Collection of Meat Tapas:
The white wine braised rabbit with papaya chutney is very mild in flavour.
The slow cooked beef with anchovy creme and crunchy onion rings adds a nice texture.
Duck Foie Gras pate is served on a bed of Brioche with Calvados poached figs and Opuntia puree.

Tuna TartarTartar of Tuna served with crushed avocado, courgette and endives salad with frozen citrus creme has a delightful tanginess. Thoroughly enjoyable at the restaurant Tijl.

Tiger PrawnsBeautiful Tiger Prawns sauteed in garlic oil accompanied with blue cheese sauce and fresh avocado is not too heavy on the blue cheese but instead tasted like an avocado creme with a bit of mustard. Nonetheless, great taste especially the Tiger Prawns.

White Tuna special at Tijl

Banana Tuna Special:
Whilst the banana tuna (or white tuna) taste is good and the sauce is pleasant, when paired with endives braised in maracuja juice, it tastes much better altogether.
The mini fennel salad is a little too strong to be paired with the fish in our humble opinion. But would certainly enjoy it more if served separately.

Shark & RisottoCoral Reef Shark Confit in butter on a bed of seaweed risotto and sweet bell pepper is quite nice, in flavour altogether. Risotto is a bit salty to complement the Shark while the sweetness of the red bell pepper gave more depth to the dish.

Seafood PlatterIf you are a seafood lover, this is a great dish with good variety at Tijl. Seafood Plate of Octopus, Tiger Prawns, Squid, assorted Mussels and topped with garlic butter.

Salmon baked in Puff PastrySalmon en croute (baked in puff pastry) served with asparagus, shrimp sauce, and sun-dried cherry tomatoes.

Lamb LoinLamb Loin sous-vide with mint flavoured Demi-glaze, crushed broccoli, pine nuts and caramelized carrots is not only beautiful to look at but is very tender.
We loved the parmesan decoration for additional flavour and texture with the dish.

Duck BreastDuck Breast sous-vide on a bed of broccoli mash with caramelized oranges and sauce of fig is perfectly cooked and beautifully presented.

Grilled ChickenGrilled Chicken Breast served with forest mushroom pasta.

Grass fed FiletFilet of grass fed beef with potato chips, portabello, asparagus, gratin tomato, crunchy onions rings and demi-glaze.

Secreto Iberico at Tijl

Iberico Pork is served with potato puree, dark apple sauce, and Calvados marinated prunes. The highlight of this dish comes from the marinated prunes which distinctly added to the overall flavour of the dish. The pork itself is cooked well.


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