Tasca Tierras Del Sur

 Judging This Book By Its Cover would be Making a Huge Mistake by Missing out on a Gastronomic Experience At the Quaint and Charming Tasca Tierras Del Sur!

Tasca Tierras Del SurIn the back streets of Granadilla is the small, quaint and unassuming restaurant Tasca Tierras Del Sur. Do not be put off by the outside appearance because inside is full of Canarian charm. Upon arrival, we are warmly greeted by Victor and, by invitation of the House, a Cava drink mix. Cava (a Spanish Champagne), white rum, amaretto, and lime juice are mixed together. The taste is sweet with a slight citrus flavour but it does make you feel very welcome.

Tasca Tierras Del Sur
The main menu is also complimented with an unusual weekly menu as well as specials for the day. But there is no need to worry! Victor will spend time expertly explaining the different dishes, their ingredients and make appropriate recommendations. Our suggestion is to take his advice. Whether you are a first time diner or a regular guest, you will thoroughly enjoy this gastronomic experience at the Tasca Tierras Del Sur.

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Tasca Tierras Del SurThe dishes are best enjoyed in a Tapas style especially when sharing with your friends and guests. Do try their house wine with your tapas experience. We normally drink red wine and whilst this is a young wine, as Victor will explain, it is light and smooth and plays an excellent supporting role to all the dishes.


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Business Hours:
Tues- Sat    7pm-11:30pm
Closed Sundays and Mondays

Reservation is highly recommended!
Phone: 922 77 14 82

Calle Pedro Gonzalez Gomez, 20
Granadilla De Abona, Canarias, Spain 38600


Refreshing Tomato PâtéSuch a delight is this Tomate pudding with Basil Cream. We would not actually call it a pudding as the consistency is more like pâté or mousse however so light and refreshing.
The right balance of basil cream is added to enhance the tomato mousse.

Spinach pudding with Prawns
Much similar to the Tomato Mousse, this is another cold dish with Spinach and Prawns. It is the same consistency as above but in this case,  a small dressing of Rose Marie or cocktail sauce is served with the Prawns. Very nice and delicate in taste.


Crispy prawns with basil an lime aioliThis Crispy King Prawn with Basil and Lime Aioli was not our favorite but consisted of a light base seasoning on the four prawn skewer with a crispy texture. Though nothing really bad can be said about this particular dish, we just couldn’t help but feel that it was missing something.


Hake fried with mango mayo and palm honeyThe crispy batter of Hake with Mango Mayo and Palm Honey went really well together. Tasca Tierras Del Sur does a great job pairing each individual dish with a delicate sauce to support and enhance the main item and enhance the visual effect.


French goat cheese with caramelized onionsTasca Tierras Del Sur does a fantastic job with these Fried cheese balls with lovely caramelised onions and palm honey. Some may feel that the cheese is a bit strong, being a French Goat Cheese, not your typical Canarian goat cheese. However, the pairing with the caramelised onions and palm honey nicely balances the strong cheese flavour.


Sweet Peppers with ham fillingAt Tasca Tierras Del Sur, they offer both Sweet Peppers filled with Ham as well as with Cod. The Ham taste a bit salty without the bechamel sauce hence combining each bite with the bechamel sauce with sweet peppers is highly recommended.
Truly delightful altogether.


Lasagna with Zucchini and CodfishYet another dish which will surprise you at Tasca Tierras Del Sur.
This lovely Lasagna is not typical as instead of pasta, thinly sliced zucchini is layered with a good amount of Cod. With a touch of bechamel sauce, it is simply Amazing!


Meatballs with awesome Sherry sauceMeatballs with Sherry Sauce is definitely one of our favourites here at Tasca Tierras Del Sur. The minced meat of beef and pork is combined and seasoned perfectly, simply melting in your mouth. The sherry sauce is on the sweeter side, however, not too sweet and creamy. It is A Must!


Meatballs with pea and saffron sauceMeatballs with Peas in Saffron Sauce are the same meatballs as above; absolutely delicious! The saffron sauce is light on saffron with peas and onions sauteed first together.
Athough we enjoy the meatballs with the sherry sauce, this is a nice alternative for those who may not like the sweeter flavour.


Pernod King PrawnsPernod King Prawns has an interesting taste. Pernod is the oldest French brand of anise spirit which has a subtle flavour with essences of star anise which make these prawns have a bit of a licorice flavour.


Mango PieDesserts are all homemade here at Tasca Tierras Del Sur and they are really delightful.
This Mango Pie is light and refreshing. The presentation is, as well, fantastic.


White chocolate with raspberry sauceAnother delight of Tasca Tierras Del Sur is this White Chocolate with Raspberry. Tanginess of raspberry combined with white chocolate mousse creates a great refreshing taste.


Milk Rice with Caramelized ApplesThis cold serving Milk Rice Pudding is creamy and perfect but the warm Caramelized Apples on top with a bit of cinnamon are absolutely divine!


Toblerone Mousse with Peach and ChiliEven for a non-sweet lover like myself, this Toblerone with Peach and Chili became one of my favourites. What I love about this dessert is the subtle peach and chili taste with the chunks of Toblerone chocolate over a smooth and silky mousse and cream. It is absolutely beautiful!


Lemoncello Panta CottaYou can taste the liquor in this Lemoncello with Panna Cotta so if you are not keen on a liquor flavour, this one is not for you. However, if you like the authentic taste of Panna Cotta and the refreshing taste of Limoncello, this may be the right one for you.

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