Tasca Puntanalla

A Homestyle Cuisine at the Hole In The Wall Neighborhood Restaurant, Tasca Puntanalla.

Tasca Puntanalla

This hole in the wall, family managed neighborhood restaurant Tasca Puntallana may surprise you with their home cooked style cuisine (with a bit of a twist) and a professional, friendly service.
The small supermarket next door is also run by the family so they are never short of ingredients!
Their prices are reasonable with a good selection of wines.

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Tasca Puntanalla

Whilst their entrance may seem like a cozy place to have a drink, especially by the locals, once you walk towards the rear, you will come to a very clean, well set and charming dining area.


Tasca Puntanalla

Walk past the dining area and their newly constructed outside terrace dining area is ready for Summer visitors here in the South of Tenerife.

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Business hours-
Mon- Sat 11:30am- 4:30pm 7pm- 11pm
Sundays 12 noon – 4pm

Phone: 922 72 09 98

Avenida Puerto Rico
Valle De San Lorenzo, Canarias, Spain 38626


Tasca Puntanalla

Served with bread, this complimentary starter is similar to a Russian potato salad.
It’s always nice to have something a little different from place to place, don’t you think?


Tasca Puntanalla Salad

Puntallana Salad-
Different from typically mixed salad and we love it.
Freshly boiled shrimp when ordered, with pineapple, cocktail sauce, quail eggs and fresh fillet of tuna garnished with greens and vegetables accompanied by a light dressing.


Tasca Puntanalla Salad

Toast with Iberian ham, tomato, and quail egg-
There are three other varieties of toast to select from but this was the first one we tried. Perhaps a little thick on the toast but look forward to trying the other three especially the Puntanalla toast which consists of avocado, small sea snails, and cheese.


Tasca Puntanalla Sirloin

This sirloin tasted like it was either marinated or seasoned before pan seared. There’s a subtle taste of that if you close your eyes and let your taste buds explore…


Tasca Puntanalla

Escalope sirloin in Almogrote sauce-
The sauce itself was quite nice if you like almonds but not overpowering as other ingredients in this sauce tasted nice and well balanced.


Tasca Puntanalla pork cheeks

Iberico pigs cheek in sauce-
Very tender cheeks and we do like cheek to cheek.
Sauce may be on the sweeter side for some but for my partner in crime, it was perfect.


Desert of the day may consist of Canarian Flan with caramel sauce or layered chocolate cake.
Be sure to ask your server what’s on the dessert menu for the day.


95% of the locals order from this Daily Special Menu. At the Tasca Puntanalla, menu items are made fresh with much love and care with a real homely taste.
Below are some items from their menu of the day. What we really enjoy about this restaurant is the effort they put into everything. The flavours of the dishes are good and the featured meats and fish are really tender… particularly the squid and baby lamb. Whilst the deep fried cod was really crispy and melted in your mouth, the grilled cheese with avocado could have been enhanced with a little mojo Verde sauce or something similar.



2 thoughts on “Tasca Puntanalla

  • July 5, 2017 at 7:52 am

    Wonderful And Fun
    My husband had been here before with his Dad. It was my first time. I would go again and again. The food was fantastic. The atmosphere was great too. Go if you get the chance. You will not be disappointed.


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