Tasca El Granero

Quaint and Charming Tasca El Granero is Truly a Hidden Gem in Buzanada Favored by the Locals and Food Advocates.

Tasca El Granero is a very quaint Canarian restaurant hidden away from the main roads of Buzanada.  This family owned and operated restaurant (Dimitri, Christina, and Julie) is favoured by many locals as well as food advocates visiting the island because of their high standards, consistency, efficient service, and great value for money.
Their menus are in a few different languages although they do not speak much English here. In fact, we do not speak much Spanish, yet that has never held us back from returning regularly as we have always felt so welcomed and treated with great hospitality.

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We have not tried all the items on the menu but below are some of our favourites to get your started. Furthermore, all of our guests and friends love Tasca El Granero and we are sure you will too!


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Business Hours:
Mon- Sat from 7pm
Closed on Sundays.

Phone: 922 72 07 45

Calle Isla Margarita, 13, 38627 Tijoco de Abajo, Spain


Ropa Viejo:
Literally translated as Old Clothes, this traditional Canarian stew normally consists of garbanzo beans, tomatoes, and potatoes.
In addition, you will find a combination of shredded beef, chicken or pork, depending on who is making it. At Tasca El Granero, this hearty stew is strong in garlic and deep in flavours, you will probably need some bread to soak up the rich flavoursome sauce.


Montaditos Fillet with Caramelized  Onions:
On top of this toasted bread is top quality Beef Filet. In addition, are the caramelized onions, which makes it really sweet. This item does get sold out due to popular demand but it is one of our favourites!
*Single piece per order.


Montaditos Anchovy:
If you like anchovies, you will love this dish.
The combination of the sweet bell peppers and luxurious anchovy is fantastic, maybe that is why we always order this dish when we are at Tasca El Granero.

*Single piece per order.


Montaditos Roast Pork with Avocado:

What makes this dish so unique and the reason we ask for it time after time is the simplicity of the ingredients but also the great combination of flavours. Tender roasted pork with fresh, creamy avocado including a pinch of sea salt and olive oil. They are absolutely divine.

*Single piece per order.

More starters


Spanish do love their croquettes and you will find some of the best here. Filled with different ingredients, but above is creamy mussels which went down too easily.

*Single piece per order.


Dates Wrapped in Bacon:
What can I say, it is Bacon! The combination of salty bacon with sweet dates are beautiful.
Just be careful because the dates are super hot when they are brought to the table so ensure you let them sit there for a few minutes.

*Single piece per order.


Fried White Cheese with Mojo Verde:

The Cheese itself is excellent (no squeaks while you chew!) but furthermore, the Mojo Verde sauce is exceptional. In fact, no one makes Mojo Verde sauce better than Tasca El Granero.


Fried Camembert Cheese:

I do love Camembert cheese and they do an excellent job of frying it. The coat on the camembert cheese is so light unlike many places and that makes a huge difference to the taste sensation. Add a spoonfull of the berry mixture marmalade and enjoy!


Prawns in Garlic:
We forgot to take this photo from Tasca EL Granero however, we did not want to neglect one of the best tasting prawn dishes on the island! The flavours are very rich in garlic in addition to a hint of salt and red chili.
You won’t regret these prawns in garlic so make sure you dip your bread in!
A must try when you are at the Tasca El Granero.

El Granero Octopus:
Oh, this is excellent!
These very thinly sliced octopuses with garlic cooked to perfection sit on top of sliced potatoes consequently soaking up all the flavours with sprinkles of paprika (sweet). If you have not tried octopus before, this is the one to try!


Cod with Sweet Potatoes:

Have you had the combination? If not, you just must!
At first, we were surprised by the combination of two ingredients but shortly realised the beauty.
I do like my spice, however, in this case, I have never bothered to alter this mild dish in my mind. The dish comes in three pieces but you can ask to cater for a party of four or more.

Entrecote with Garlic:

I love my garlic and I love this dish for the great flavours. A high quality entrecote served with potatoes and infused with garlic are absolutely fantastic here at Tasca El Granero. You may even want to scrape up the oil with bread because it is a really nice combination of garlic and salt!


Cadbury Dessert:
Mmmm….. Did someone say dessert? Even if you are not into sweets like me, I fell in love with this light and very creamy Cadbury dessert.
All their desserts are homemade and highly recommended.
In conclusion, results are always the same, therefore no complaints here at Tasca El Granero!

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