Taberna Vasca Txupinazo

Tapas from the Basque Country at Taberna Vasca Txupinazo

If you have been on the Canary Islands or visited mainland Spain, you have likely tried a few Tapas from here or there. Or perhaps you have tried something similar in other places such as Bocas in Central American countries, Botanas from Mexico, Cicchetti from Venice or perhaps Dim Sum from China, Anju/ Banchan from South Korea or  Izakaya from Japan. They all mean pretty much the same thing; Tapas, which means cover or lid, is a snack or an appetizer served cold or hot.

Now, one can go on and on about the variety of Tapas and it’s regional differences in Spain. Many can even debate which zones offer the best tapas over a caña (small beer), a chato (glass of wine) or a mosto (grape juice). But today, we introduce you to pinchos or pintxos from northern Spain, also known as Basque Country.

I’m sure many of us have tried Tapas of one form or other many times. Some which are traditional Canarian, while some others are influenced by numerous British visitors and residents on the island. We even tried some tapas within an Italian community on the island. I am sure some use fresh seasonal ingredients and do change their menu determined by that factor, but I am not denigrating those other restaurants, by any means. But to introduce you to another tapas restaurant who does it slightly differently, in Basque style, at Taberna Vasa Txupinazo.

Just a couple of our favorites

Papas Bravas

You may find some common dishes like Papas Bravas or morcilla at Taberna Vasa Txupinazo, with a twist.
In this case, Papas Bravas which is served with both tomato sauce and aioli, but not all are presented this way on the island. The creamy aioli with tangy tomato sauce over crispy fried potatoes are really fantastic and gets your taste buds ready for the dishes to come.


Now, you may not like the sound of “blood sausage”. It definitely does not sound attractive. But many countries around the world have very similar dishes with slight variations. Perhaps you’ve heard of Blood/ Black pudding, Botifarro, Mixuegao, Boudin noir, Blutwurst, Marag Dubh, Mutura in Kenya, and Soondae in Korea?
In Spain, we call them Mocilla. Now, I don’t always like Morcilla as most places do serve the sweet ones. In Northern parts of Spain, however, they are not as sweet as the Southern parts. At Taberna Vasa Txupinazo, these are not the sweet ones and they are sprinkled with what seems like Japanese Shichimi Togarashi to give a slight kick to balance the rich flavors.

You can visit their Facebook fan page here for more info or find them on googles maps here.

Arona, Canarias, Spain
+34 822 14 37 89

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