Mirador la Centinela

Undisturbed Panoramic View at the Mirador La Centinela.

Walking down to the restaurant of Mirador la Centinela

Such a grand entrance and a superb panoramic view from the Mirador La Centinela! We really hoped the food was as exciting as our first impression but regrettably this was not completely true. Very unfortunate as the service was really good and so were the prices… Apparently, this is where a lot of the locals have large gatherings for meals and celebration, so may be worth a second visit at some point…

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Undisturbed panoramic view from inside the Mirador la Centinela


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Business Hours:
Closed Mondays
Tues- Sun 11am- 10:30pm

Phone: 655 30 39 79

Ctra. Gral. del valle san Lorenzo a San Miguel Km 94, 38620
Arona, Canarias, Spain 38626

StartersTwo different types of croquettes are offered at Mirador la Centinela

Puchero (Canarian stew) croquette is interesting at the Mirador la Centinela as it tastes as though it had a bit of curry or cumin in them.
However, Cherne (local fish) croquettes are excellent.
You can see and taste the fish. Highly recommend.

Lovely avocado and king prawns at Mirador la Centinela

King prawns and avocado salad-
We enjoyed this fresh simple tasting dish at the Mirador la Centinela. As you can see the whole avocado with a freshly home greens and tomatoes which complimented nicely with a cocktail like dressing is underneath.

Tender rump steak at Mirador la Centinela

Rump Steak-
Surprisingly, the rump steak is not tough but tender and a good portion too! Though not sure if it was flamed as it appeared more like pan seared. We recommend adding a bit of marine salt to enhance the flavour.

Chicken cordon bleu at the Mirador la Centinela

Chicken Cordon Bleu Tropicale-
I don’t know about you but not used to coated chicken as cordon blue. The coat is on the crunchy side, perhaps due to corn meal?
Chicken and the filling was ok but nothing really to write home about.What makes this tropical? It’s the pineapple they serve it with. But, again, a large portion here at Mirador la Centinela.

Lovely caramel on Auntie's dessert at the Mirador la Centinela

Auntie’s Dessert-
The best of part of this dessert is the thick and delicious caramel on top at the Mirador la Centinela.
They do have a really attractive dessert case but perhaps it is best to leave to try for next time.

Beautiful dessert case at the Mirador la Centinela

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