L’italiano Trattoria

Freshly Homemade Pasta and an Authentic Italian Pizza With Friendly Attentive Staff at L’italiano Trattoria!

L'Italiano TrattoriaWe first discovered L’italiano Trattoria over a year ago through an Italian friend while looking for a freshly made pasta in the South of Tenerife. There are few who do make fresh pasta but are very limited on the menu. At L’italiano Trattoria, there is an abundance of homemade pasta along with authentic Italian pizza. And they are good! While the service from a year ago was a bit snobbish, upon a recent visit, we found their serving staff friendly and attentive.

L'Italiano Trattoria

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Business Hours:
Closed Mondays
Tues- Sun 1:00PM – 4:00PM, 7:00PM – 11:00PM

Reservation is Highly recommended
922 75 29 05

Los Cristianos, Apartamentos San Marino, Local 13, Av. de Amsterdam 3
Arona, Canarias, Spain 38650


On the houseThis little taster is complimentary. It consists of a nice chewy pizza bread with ham and cheese. Very simple and very pleasant!


Grilled Goat Cheese with Asparagus & BaconGrilled Goat Cheese is served hot. A soft and tasty goat cheese combines with a little texture from the asparagus. The slight saltiness of bacon makes this an excellent starter to get your palate going at L’italiano Trattoria. Served in two pieces.

CapreseCaprese consists of very good homemade mozzarella cheese, tomatoes, basil, oregano and olive oil. This is a classic Italian fresh tasting salad.

Caesar SaladCaesar Salad comes premixed with the dressing but not the same classic caesar dressing I have been accustomed to. Although the menu states Romain lettuce which I was looking forward to the crispiness, this caesar salad was with the spring mix. We felt this is little too heavy on the dressing when we tasted this about a year ago. Sure hope they have enhanced this salad and the dressing.


MainHomemade Black Hearts RavioliThis has to be my ultimate favourite pasta at L’italiano Trattoria. Freshly homemade Black hearts ravioli is filled with fish and is served with a sauce of shrimp, squid, courgette, cherry tomato and rocket/arugula. At L’italiano Trattoria, they do not skimp on the abundance of seafood and the added touch of the rocket is fantastic! This is one of nine freshly homemade pasta at L’italiano Trattoria and we look forward to trying them all!

Linguine with SeafoodLinguine with Seafood is based with marinara sauce and plenty of seafood. We thoroughly enjoyed the tender octopus, squid, prawns, mussels, and clams. The size of this dish is also a plus as it is not small. The marinara sauce was tasty although maybe they could have added a little more sauce to go with all that seafood.

Green RavioliGreen Ravioli is so freshly homemade and it’s fantastic. Ravioli is made from spinach, which you can really taste, and filled with cottage cheese. Extra thinly sliced courgettes and ham add a bit of texture and flavour to the fresh cream sauce.

PizzaDespite the slightly over cooked pizza, the crust is really good. They are chewy and legitimate as we know Italian pizza should be. There are many choices of pizza to select from and we are sure you will find the one you will thoroughly enjoy.


DessertMagdalena filled with hot chocolate and orange ice creamMagdalena filled with hot chocolate is one of eight homemade desserts. This particular one is hot out of the oven and is a rich dessert with orange ice cream. For those who like a strong chocolate taste, this is definitely a must try.

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