La Tasquita de Nino

 La Tasquita de Nino, Experience A Bit of Canarian History.

Set in the back streets of San Miguel de Abona, you will find the restaurant La Tasquita de Nino. The property was originally a State tobacco storage facility and an official post office back in 19th century subsequently becoming a gathering place for locals to play cards, drink the local wines and to generally have a good time. Maintaining the original setting of its historical past, this small Tasca is one of the remaining remnants of unspoiled architecture in the historic sector of San Miguel de  Abona. A traditional Canarian cuisine is served to their guests and some dishes you won’t find elsewhere but all made with love and care. All for a very reasonable price.

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Parking can be a bit tricky however if you drive passed the restaurant, there’s an area to park.

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Business Hours:
They are closed on Tuesday.
Wed- Mon 1pm-4pm 7pm-11pm

Phone: 922 70 04 63

Special Mojos at La Tasquita de Nino
At La Tasquita de Nino, their mojo is a bit different from most we’ve tasted. One on the left is the sausage mojo made with chorizo. The one on the right is made with local goat’s cheese. Preferred the chorizo version as it was a nice companion to my Canarian potatoes.
Various Pinhitos at La Tasquita de Nino

Pinchitos or hors d’oeuvre-
There are about 6 varieties on the menu and these are the latter three; Bananas wrapped in bacon was as expected- good, Stuffed figs with cheese and almond’s in batter was a real delight, and large Dates stuffed with local cheese and walnut, I enjoyed it with a smattering of chorizo mojo which added a little saltiness to the sweetness of the Dates.

Chestnuts in Garlic

Chestnuts cooked in Garlic-
You won’t find typical garlic prawns here but a great substitute is sweet chestnuts with garlic. I personally like a combination of sweetness and saltiness which I didn’t find in this dish. However, there are a variety of “different” items here to explore!


One of traditional Canarian dishes at La Tasquita de Nino

Traditional Canarian Goat in sauce-
Very tender and full of comforting home cooked flavor.
This truly had an authentic taste to the very last piece.


One of traditional dishes at La Tasquita de Nino
Fried pork in Canarian Mojo-
I wished that the fried pork was more tender and not as oily.
It was as though they were not marinated prior to cooking which would have given more flavor to the pork, in my opinion. Their menu is extensive and many other traditional dishes are offered!

One of many dessert at La Tasquita de Nino

Chocolate Mousse-
Many homemade varieties of ice cream are served here from Gofio (traditional Canarian either you will like it or not), Guava, Banana, Quince, dried Fig, Pumpkin to Almond nougat.
But if you don’t like ice cream, do try their other desserts;
like the chocolate mousse!


House made Chupitos at La Tasquita de Nino
Chupito is by an invitation to the house and is not to be expected, contrary to one’s belief.
At La Tasquita de Nino, you can expect your free homemade refreshing chupitos.

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