La Masia Del Mar

La Masia Del Mar Showcases Freshiest Fish at One of The Oldest Restaurants in La Caleta.

View from the La Masia Del Mar

La Caleta was a quiet, small fishing village approximately 25km from Tenerife South airport.
With the majestic views across the cove like bay, you can be sure to find an excellent fish restaurants located right on the sea front called La Masia Del Mar.

Lovely boat inside the La Masia Del Mar

Amongst those seafood restaurants, is the La Masia Del Mar who first opened their doors back in 1981. Having been known in the restaurant industry with two Michelin stars in one of their previous restaurants, La Masia Del Mar caters to many tourists as well as residents, specializing in fresh seafood and paella (amongst many others) with high standards and service.

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Fresh seafood case at the La masia Del Mar

Fish prices are not that cheap (caught at dawn by La Masia Del Mar’s own boat, Planamar) but definitely worth the price.

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Phone: 922 71 08 95

Business Hours:
Mon- Sun 11am-11pm

Calle El Muelle, 3, 38670 Adeje, Santa Cruz de Tenerife

Excellent salad at La Masia Del Mar

Fresh Salad for 2
Fresh ingredients mixed with some pickled vegetables adds a nice zest to the entire salad.
Excellent salad.

Excellent seafood soup at La Masia Del Mar

This Seafood Soup is very hearty and filled with large chunks of seafood you can only find at the La Masia Del Mar.
You won’t mistake this soup for anything else!

Ham and Melon at the La Masia Del Mar

Melon with Ham is so filling as they are two large slices of Canarian Melon with ham.
We like to squeeze in the orange garnishment to add little more scent/ flavour to this delectable starter.

Fantastic cuttlefish at the La Masia Del Mar

Chocos or Cuttlefish-
These are not small cuttlefish and have a great meaty taste.
La Masia Del Mar really knows how to cook their seafood to ensure they are tender.

Out of the world prawns at the La Masia Del Mar

These Jumbo Prawns are one of our favorites here at the La Masia Del Mar.
They are grilled to such deliciousness!  We actually prefer these to the Lobsters.
They offer different sizes and you can order as little or as much as you wish.
Priced per Kg.

Many selection of fresh fish at the La Masia Del Mar

Always plenty of Fresh Local  Fish to select from the La Masia Del Mar and you won’t go wrong there.

Baked in salt fresh fish at the La Masia Del Mar

There are a few fresh fish to select from when you want them baked in salt for that special meal or to impress that someone.
We have this 1.5kg Cherne to share amongst the 3 of us and it was perfect.
Filleting the fish is not only a show but an art of precision, we didn’t find a single bone!
Priced per Kg.

Many choices of dessert at the La Masia Del Mar

There are plenty of desserts to select from at the La Masia Del Mar but this one is different from your norm, as you can see.

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