Gastrobar La Kocina

Our First in Not Recommened List is Gastrobar La Kocina.

menu at Gastrobar La Kocina

After researching and looking at reviews for our next gastronomic experience, we decided to give Gastrobar La Kocina a try in Playa de la Americas.
Unfortunately, although the general food presentation was good, the overall experience was not that great; the food pairings generally were not complimentary to each other, service was actually better by the server (not the owner), and the price was more than we wanted to pay, especially, for the food.

The main dining area was not that impressive; perhaps a little bare with local photographer’s photos for sale on the wall. But the young server was courteous, and wine we were served (we were not offered a wine menu) for 22.75 was very good (Ramon Bilbao Reserva Rioja). We decided to try their menu for two for 35 euros each, substituting one of the main courses for Tuna Tataki to get little more variety as we wanted to sample more of their cuisine.

A full meal with a couple of coffees cost 98.50 Euros, too much.
Service by the older gentleman was abrupt while serving, the restaurant could use little touch ups here and there.
Not worth a repeat business from us until the menu changes and the price reduces.

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StarterMenu for 2 Starter at La Kocina

Mixed board of Foie w/ fig jam & marinated salmon w/ mango coulis-
I could not taste the marinade in the salmon but felt it was more raw salmon topped with diced tomatoes. The only problem with the salmon was it left a fishy taste lingering in my mouth which is not a good start.
The foie tasted ok but when combined with the salmon, the saltiness of the foie overpowered the delicate taste of the salmon. The sauces on the side didn’t do much for pairing with the starter, nor did the diced tomato- which didn’t add flavor or texture to the dish.

Menu for 2 Starter at La Kocina

Zucchini cream w/ Stilton cheese-
This soup was more watery than any soup we have tasted.
Barely a taste of zucchini and a very subtle taste of Stilton cheese.
The garlic chives on top was a bit too much for this subtle soup.
Perhaps if they thickened the soup and added a few crumbles of the cheese on top, it would have been little more successful.

Menu for 2 Starter at La Kocina

Prawns and onion tempura-
Very light and crispy tempura batter for the onions rings but did not have the same crispy tempura batter for the prawns, not sure where it went wrong there. Though not in the photo, it was served with two dipping sauce- watered down sweet chili sauce with fresh minced garlic on top and a very nice soy based sauce. Though I love garlic, I felt that the raw garlic was a bit too much for this plate… leaving that raw garlic taste in your mouth…


Tuna Tataki at La Kocina

Tuna Tataki-
While the Tuna was tasty and seared perfectly, the strawberry sauce underneath neither enhanced or added anything to the flavor.
While the lime sorbet was probably nice on its own, the wasabi cream was way too overpowering for the tuna itself. Perhaps they should have decorated with the sauces rather than layering them onto the tuna.

Menu for 2 Main at La Kocina

Secreto Iberian pork-
Served with nice fries are four thin pieces of Secreto Iberian pork.
Not the leanest cut I’ve tasted and lacked equal distribution of the Pedro Ximenez sauce which was not too sweet.

Menu for 2 Dessert at La Kocina

Cheese cream-
The presentation was good and the orange blossom gelatin was tasty.
But too much cheese cream and not enough of the strawberry coulis accompaniment.

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