El Rincon Del Sushi

El Rincon Del Sushi, A Place Where You Can Taste The Art of Sushi.

Japanese food is simple and delicate in taste but it’s also complicated.

In terms of sushi, it’s not just making the rice and throw on sliced fish or making into a roll. To be a good sushi chef, it can take up to 10 years of dedication and devotion learning not only how to cook and mix the rice correctly so the grain doesn’t fall apart, but also to have a full understanding of various types of fish and how to cut the fish. It is essential to know how thinly to cut the fish, which part, in what direction and how each would taste when it’s cut in a certain way. It’s a delicate balance of each ingredient of rice, fish, seaweed etc. to make it taste exceptionally good.

Unlike many sushi restaurants in the south of Tenerife, at El Rincon del Sushi, you can be sure that the rice is flavored just right with balanced ingredients, quality fresh fish and high standards of service. Definitely, a place where you can taste the art of sushi.

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Business Hours:
Closed Tuesdays
Mon Wed Thurs Fri 12pm-4pm 8pm-12am
Sat- Sun 1pm- 5pm 8pm-12am

WIFI: x9448516r
Phone: 676 10 83 02

Calle Manuel Bello Ramos 18. local 3
Adeje, Canarias, Spain 38670

Seaweed salad at Rincon del Sushi
Ensalada Neptuno-
This wakame salad is topped with sliced cucumbers, avocados, pickled daikon, and salmon roe. The delicate taste of ingredients is fantastic and refreshing to the palate. The fresh salmon roe shouldn’t be salty but sweet. And wakame is full of vitamins and minerals including Magnesium, Iodine, Calcium, Iron, Vitamins A, C, E, K, B2, and more!
Cucumber roll at Rincon del Sushi
 Kani Kiurimaki-
Salmon, avocado, and chive sprouts are wrapped in cucumber and served with ponzu; which is a soy-based sauce, traditionally made with citrus fruits.
This is a light dish, perfect for hot summer days.
Tuna Tataki at Rinconc del Sushie
Maguro Tataki-
An abundance of tuna is perfectly seared and served with the ever popular Japanese ponzu sauce.
Various Sushi at Rincon del Sushi
Sushi Variado-
Just a bit of this and that is perfect if you want to try a few of their sushi varieties – a couple of pieces of each salmon and tuna, inside-out spicy tuna, Ebi fry roll and Alaska roll.
Or you can always ask the chef to put together something different for you as we did!
Eby Fry Roll at Rincon del Sushi
Ebi Fry Roll-
Many love this inside out roll for the shrimp tempura with creamy avocados. The thick, sweet, hickory Eel sauce is a perfect match for this roll.
Spicy Tuna and Salmon at Rincon Del Sushi
Spicy Tuna roll-
Unlike most touristic sushi restaurants who seem to over compensate with cream cheese, you will see just a tiny bit is used here; focussing on the fish. You wouldn’t think it’s spicy but you’ll be surprised how chives add to that taste.
This is the perfect example of simplicity with complexity. Truly speaks to the art of sushi.
Yakisoba at Rincon del Sushi
Yakisoba Pasta Marisco-
This wheat flour noodle first appeared by food stalls in Japan in the early 20th century. The sauce which is similar to the oyster sauce is a bit on the sweet side. We had the seafood version which each ingredient cooked to perfection.
3 Milk dessert cake
Tarta Tres Leches-
Very soft and flavorsome sponge cake absorbs the bed of three different kinds of milk…
Not overly sweet but still delightful for those with the sweet tooth.
Fried Green Tea Ice Cream at El Rincon del Sushi
Green Tea Ice Cream-
This deep fried green tea ice cream is a really nice treat if you have never had one.

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