El Cobijo

El Cobijo Offers Fantastic Panoramic Views of South Tenerife While Giving a Modern Twist on Some Classic Canarian Dishes.

El Cobijo restaurant is on the winding road at the back of Montana (Mountain) Fria between La Camella and Arona. But once you arrive, you will truly fall in love with the panoramic views, lovely avocado garden while bringing a modern twist on some classic Canarian dishes.

With the arrival of a new chef at El Cobijo, the previous menu items are being transformed little by little. As a result, not only are the dishes more easy on the eye, but the new flavours he is creating must put this restaurant on your ‘NOT TO BE MISSED’ list. We look forward to seeing more changes to come!

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meet the staff! Christian, Airam, and Noelia


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Business Hours:
El Cobijo is closed on Sunday evenings and all day on Mondays. With so much attraction to this restaurant, a reservation may be needed.

Tues- Thurs 1pm- 4pm 7pm-10pm
Wed- Sat 1pm-4pm 8pm-11pm
Sun 1pm- 5pm
Phone: 603 22 18 51 / 922 72 64 58

Camino El Arenado Nº 77
Arona, Canarias, Spain 38649

lovely mojo

You cannot get away from Mojo in the Canary Islands because it is one of most traditional sauces here. Most restaurants will probably make their own mojo with their own twist and it is typically served with bread. It is also great on Canarian potatoes in addition to dishes that may need a little extra flavour.
Away from the tourist areas, a mojo selection with bread is likely to cost about 1 Euro per while, in the tourist areas, we have seen the price as high as 3 Euros.

Grilled cheese with palma honey

Roasted Cheese with Palm Honey:
Palm honey is great on almost anything, in our humble opinion, but at El Cobijo, they drizzle the honey on top of a nice mild local cheese.
It is not overly sweet, but if you like cheese and honey, you will almost definitely love this. Oh, by the way, Palm honey is only produced in La Gomera.

Delicate flavors of scrambled eggs with prawns and cod

Scrambled Egg with Cod and Shrimp:
Nice surprise and a treat!
Both the cod and shrimp with the scrambled eggs are perfect but what makes this dish a treat is because of the added flavours of fried onions over a sweet sauce. Consequently,this dish immediately became one of our favourites and you can be sure we will order this again, here at El Cobijo!

Large stuffed mushrooms are excellent!

Mushrooms Stuffed with Sirloin and Foie:
Large mushroom caps are filled with minced meat and Foie.
Really good flavours in addition to very tasty mushroom sauce on top. This is one of our favorites at El Cobijo while I wish the coating they use was not quite so thick.
*1 piece per order

Mushrooms in garlic are fantastic!

Mushrooms in Garlic:
If you like mushrooms, you must try this.
Full of garlic flavour, this is great as it is or maybe with wild mushrooms instead!

Lovely prawns in Garlic

Shrimp Scampi:
New and improved to perfection is the Shrimp Scampi.
Excellent with the garlic and with a bit of kick!

More Starters
Fresh tomato salad with avocado and cheese

Tomatoes with Cheese and Avocados: 
It’s the simple things like this which consequently make certain dishes great.
Homegrown avocados with fresh tomatoes and white cheese are drizzled with a bit of olive oil and oregano. Very nice!

Very tasty stuffed peppers with Cod

Stuffed Sweet Pepper with Cod and Potatoes:
If you have not yet tried the sweet peppers filled with cod, you are definitely missing out. The texture is smooth, it slides down really nicely while what makes this dish is the marinara sauce, thick and very flavourful.
Good job El Cobijo!
*1 piece per order.

These are not hot

Pimientos Padron:
It is probably not a Canarian restaurant if they do not serve pimientos padron.
These non-spicy peppers also topped with sea salt, makes them easy to just grab and eat.

Spanish croquettes

These particular croquettes are filled with fish and potatoes.
We find that most croquettes are very mild in flavour so why not do as we do and dip them in the aioli or mojo sauce.
*1 piece per order

Lovely sweet sauce on Pata

Pata with Sweet red sauce:
Pata is thinly sliced roasted pork.
The pork is rolled and served on top of this sweet sauce which is fantastic, while we could not help feeling it was rather missing something. Maybe either duck or lamb should be a better option?

Now for the Mains and Desserts
Tender Cod

Cod with White Onions and Sweet Potatoes:
This traditional mild dish in addition to onions and bit of bell pepper is accompanied by sweet potatoes and Canarian potatoes. The flavours are fantastic.

If you like sweet potatoes, like us, you will, therefore, want more of the sweet and less of the Canarian potatoes.

Excellent marinara sauce!
Pork Knuckle:
We had to take a photo of this new item on the menu.
If it tastes as good as the lamb (see below), this will probably be just as fantastic! A large portion!
Excellent marinara sauce on succulent lamb

Lamb Shoulder and Leg:
This is probably one of the nicest items at El Cobijo. An overall great dish!
Tender and succulent shoulder and leg of lamb topped with a rich sauce similar to marinara which will leave you wanting more! If you are a carnivore like me, pick up the leg and chomp it down! They are really worth it!
*This portion is for 2 people.

Layered chocolate cake

Chocolate Dessert:
We wish that we could speak enough Spanish to understand completely how they made this chocolate dessert. Drizzled with chocolate in multiple layers while having a bit of texture.
Our guests thoroughly enjoyed this one.
*Please ask your server for the proper name of this dish.

Fresh berry compote

Fresh Berry Dessert:
Another favourite of our guests is also this light while creamy dessert with raisins and a fresh berry sauce, be sure to dig your spoon all the way down!
*Please ask your server for the proper name of this dish.

With meringue top

Dessert with Meringue Crumbles:
Most Spanish desserts are not overly sweet.
This dessert is particularly creamy with caramel sauce while the meringue adds good texture to each bite for your pleasure!
*Please ask your server for the proper name of this dessert. 

Perfectly layered barraquito

A perfectly layered barraquito.


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