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Most Excellent Service and Great Value for Money at El Chamo

If you dare to venture up to La Escalona, on your way to or from El Teide, you definitely want to stop here at El Chamo for a meal. El Chamo is open 7 days a week from 12:30 to 23:00 specialising in traditional Canarian cuisine such as goats and rabbits with a wide variety of wood-grilled meats and homemade desserts. Also, try their award winning cheese which goes fantastically well with the local wines which they obtain directly from the bodega nearby.

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This 28-year-old family run restaurant is very friendly and we always look forward to a great chat and laughter with the staff. At El Chamo, the staff takes time explaining to customers of the numerous dishes on offer as all the ingredients are freshly selected daily by the owner Jose and the meals are prepared with much care and love by 6 ladies in the kitchen. With a wide variety of tapas, succulent grilled meats, and great house wines, we never paid more than a reasonable price.

Take some time to look at the unusual variety of local produce.


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Business Hours:
Mon- Sun 12pm- 11pm
Free Wifi: C.CHAMO1
Phone: 922 72 61 16

Ctra. General 35, La Escalona, 38614 Vilaflor, Spain


Starters At El Chamo.
Homemade Mojo:
Like all legitimate Canarian restaurants, they make their own Mojo.
While the red and the green mojo is on the runny side compared to others, it still possesses the flavor we like. The difference is the thick (chorizo) pate mojo… as you see, we devoured that. There is no other restaurant who serves it like here at El Chamo.

Unlike a lot of Spanish, we are not a huge fan of croquettes due to their rather bland taste, however, we do try them to compare with other restaurants offerings. So glad that we did here at El Chamo, as theirs is probably the best we have tasted on the island so far. These croquettes are generously packed and flavorsome.

*1 piece per order

Tomato and Avocado Salad:
Large home-grown tomatoes, creamy avocado, and with pear melon.
Served with a few bean sprouts.
Stuffed Mushrooms and Potatoes:
Good flavours and as mentioned above, nicely packed, however, the crust is a bit thick.
*1 piece per order
Red Navarran chorizos are brought out and lit in flame in front of you. For those who are a huge fan of Spanish sausage, you need to try this.

Prawns in Garlic:
Many restaurants serve their prawns’ either small or medium size. However, at El Chamo, these are king size.
The only thing I wish is different is more roasted garlic and bit more of salt.
More Starters for Your Pleasure!
Octopus A La Gallega:
As usual, the portion here is not small nor the cut. It’s thicker than most places but still very tender and delicious.
 Guess that’s why El Chamo is a family style restaurant!

Octopus Salad/ Pulpo Asada:
Look at the size of this octopus; the cuts are thick and yet tender!
These are served cold in light vinegarette dressing. However, I do prefer them with more citrus flavors.

Mushrooms in Garlic:
If you like mushrooms then you must try their trumpet mushrooms in garlic. Very meaty and a more delicate taste than other large capped mushrooms.
With a hint of white wine, garlic, and parsley, it’s served in its own pan brought to your table.
El Chamo is the only place we’ve found serving these gorgeous mushrooms.
Toast with Salmon:
It’s like bruschetta with salmon.
If you don’t like smoked salmon, try with tuna instead.
Something different.
*1 piece per order
Good meaty scallops topped with parsley and cheese are rather bland for our liking.
Feeling as though it is lacking something, adding a bit of salt made all the difference.
 If Razorfish is chewy then it has not been cooked right.
This is not the case here and the flavours are really nicely put together.
This is one of our favorites as well!
Manchego Cheese:
El Chamo won an award for this cheese.
I prefer softer cheese vs harder cheese and although I enjoyed this mild cheese, I just couldn’t eat the whole serving.
Probably ideal for four people.
Grilled Cheese with Coriander Sauce:
This grilled cheese is brought out while it’s still sizzling and that makes a difference in presentation.
Light Coriander sauce and garlic made this dish much more delightful.


Now for the Main Entrees you’ll Love at El Chamos!
Shoulder of Lamb:
Roasted with local herbs such as rosemary and garlic, it is large in size and very tender.
Their house-made mint sauce is highly recommended as they are so delicious!
Loin of Pork:
A plate full of wood grilled pork loins.
Can you finish this portion?
T-Bone Steak:
Wood grilled T-Bone (or any other meat selection) is served at the right thickness and cooked to your liking. Sprinkle some sea salt on top and it’s perfect.
Cod a la Vizcaina:
This Large portion of Cod is served with sauteed red and green peppers and onions. You can taste the TLC that goes into this authentic Canarian dish. The sauce is exceptional!
Fillet Steak:
As you can see, the grill marks are really nice and
the cut is perfect unlike a lot of the more tourist restaurants who tend to slice much thinner.


  Dessert Anyone?

Mixed Fresh Fruits:
Take a look at the fresh local fruits in the cooling case as you walk into the restaurant El Chamo. You can choose which fruit to eat or mix them up as we do.
Homemade Desserts:
There’s a huge homemade dessert case next to the kitchen for your sweet tooth! As you can see, there is a great variety to select – go on treat yourself!

Homemade Chupitos made with natural herbs and fruits.
These are lethal and perhaps not for everyone but we love them. They are different and unique just like El Chamo.

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