Our Favorites

In our unbiased opinion, below is a list of Best Restaurants we highly recommend, in alphabetical order.

Click on the image or the name of the restaurant to read the full article as to how they made the Best Restaurants list!

 El Chamo is a traditional Canarian restaurant with fantastic service and great value for money on your way up to El Teide in La Escalona. Specializing in goats, rabbits, other grilled meats, and their award winning cheese.

El Cobijo is a hidden restaurant and well worth the visit with fantastic panoramic views of South Tenerife and a modern twist on some classic Canarian dishes.

At El Rincon del Sushi, you can be sure that the rice is flavored just right with balanced ingredients, quality fresh fish and high standards of service. Definitely, a place where you can taste the art of sushi.

La Masia del Mar is located inLa Caleta, a quiet and previously small fishing village approximately 25km from Tenerife South airport. With the majestic views across the cove like bay, you can be sure to find some excellent fresh fish, caught by their own boat at dawn.

Ecological Association, La Tajea, grows their own produce within their premises, catering for vegetarians and vegans. However, with some beer or wine, vegetarian or not, live music and/or yoga,  this truly is a  unique experience in the South of Tenerife.

Uniquely set in the historic quarter of San Miguel de Abona with its own history, La Tasquita de Nino offers traditional Canarian cuisine.

This French restaurant fronting the ocean in Las Galletas,  Le Grand Bleu, boasts consistently excellent dishes to the last detail with prompt and professional service and great value for money.

PizzaL’italiano Trattoria provides an abundance of homemade pasta along with authentic Italian pizza. And they are good! While the service from a year ago was a bit snobbish, upon a recent visit, we found their serving staff friendly and attentive. Well worth the visit.

Meson Castellanos has a sophisticated selection of steaks; from Spanish Wagyu, Swiss, German, Spanish Bull, Spanish Brown, which melt in your mouth, Filet Mignons, and USDA Ribeyes as good as you get in the USA. This is probably THE best place for steak lovers in South of Tenerife.

Tasca El Granero, a family owned and operated restaurant, is favoured by many locals as well as food advocates visiting the island due to their high standards, consistency, efficient service, and great value for money.

Tasca Puntanalla is favoured by the locals. This “hidden” restaurant offers homemade Spanish cuisine away from most touristic parts of Tenerife.

Tasca Tierras Del SurJudging This Book By Its Cover would be Making a Huge Mistake by Missing out on a Gastronomic Experience At the Quaint and Charming Tasca Tierras Del Sur!

SignTijl Restaurant in Costa Del Silencio has excellent presentation, an eclectic charm,  prompt and good service specializing in gastronomic European cuisine.

Verna’s in La Camella is a meticulously clean restaurant with excellent service, fantastic fresh fish, and succulent meat directly from Galicia.


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