Agua Y Sal

Off The Beaten Track and Into A Remote Little Fishing Village to Create Those Authentic Moments At Agua Y Sal And Some Tasty Fresh Seafood.

Restaurant ViewSan Miguel de Tajao is a remote little fishing village 12.8km East from Tenerife South Airport with Canarian charm and laid-back harbour attitude featuring several Fresh Seafood restaurants. Near the harbour, around a slightly winding road, a few more restaurants start to appear. But of them all, we found that Aqua Y Sal is buzzing with tourists and locals alike waiting to order and be seated. While the staff runs around busily, the atmosphere rather takes you back to other remote places where you truly felt you are off the beaten track. Maybe worth the journey just to be out of the tourist areas and a part of authentic Tenerife.

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MenuThis is your menu while waiting to be seated. (We were fortunate when we stopped by that the queue was not too long so we do highly recommend making a reservation.)
You can order from the menu above or select from the fresh seafood case in front of you. The menu shows the prices per unit or by weight as well as half or whole portions.
For those who struggle wtih Spanish, you can easily find the items in our Spanish to English Dining Reference Guide.

Fresh SeafoodCalamar (Squid), Chocos (cuttlefish), Chipirones (baby squid), Chopitos (tiny squid), Gueldes (White Bait) to Navajas (Razorfish), all can order as a starter. These will likely come deep fried or grilled. Octopus you can order fried or as a cold salad, mussels and clams are offered both in marinara or white wine sauce (Salsa Vino Blanco), and a few other starters such as Queso a la Plancha con Miel de Palma (white cheese with palm honey), Verduras a la plancha (Plate of vegetables), Pimientos de Padron (Green non-spicy peppers), Gofio (Originally Canarian, is a flour of roasted grains) , and Papa Arrugadas (Canarian potatoes with mojo rojo sauce- spicy) or other pre-made tapas from the case!

Fresh FishOstras (Oysters), Cangrejo Real (Real Crab), Cangrejo Snow (Snow Crab), Vieira (Scallop), Zamburinas (Small Scallops), Croquetas de Bacalao (Cod Croquette), Brocheta de Langostinos (Prawn skewer), Brocheta de Choco (Cuttlefish skewer), Brocheta Mixta (Mixed skewer) and various sizes of Prawns, Crab, and Lobsters are all available.

InteriorPaella also seems to be popular here at Agua Y Sal as four different types are offered:
Caldoso con Marisco (Shellfish, Seafood), Caldoso con Bogavante (Lobster), Caldoso con Cangrejo (Crab), and Cazuela de Pescado y Marisco en Salsa Marinera.
Not forgetting, their spaghetti con Bogavate for two or Spaghetti Marinara or with Clams.

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Business Hours:
Closed Tuesdays.

Mon: 12pm- 4pm
Wed- Sun: 12pm- 10:30pm

Reservation is highly recommended!
922 17 11 76

C/ Callao Hondo n° 22
Arona, Canarias, Spain 38588

Mojo Homemade Mojo tasted a little different to what we were used to. Although mayo garlic had a nice flavor and consistency, we were not overall impressed with the other two reminding us of very touristic mojos.

CamaronesCamarones is sweet however a pain to peel! The shells are very thin and you can eat them whole or peel them one by one for a sweeter flavor.

SangriaDuring the hot weather, especially when a Calima has blown in, our alternative to wine is beer or sangria. Sangria at Agua Y Sal is very tasty- light and fruity from all the strawberries, kiwis and limes.  We thoroughly enjoyed these.

SardinesThere are two types of Sardines on offer,  you can pick as much as you like or this one where it is skewered with four portions. The latter is about medium in size with nice meatiness to them. With freshly squeezed lemon, these too can be eaten whole. I would suggest one skewer per person.

Stuffed Scallops/ VierasStuffed Clams or Vieras, at Agua Y Sal,  has a Gofio based sauce without much highlighting taste, in my opinion.
My husband is not a fan of any Gofio, therefore, this is not one of his favorites either.

Cuttlefish/ ChocosCuttlefish or Chocos are one of my favorite seafood hence trying them whenever I can. These Chocos are nicely grilled in the open kitchen, lovely and tender and left me wanting more. So when considering ‘how many’ from the case, remember, they shrink to about half the size.

Clams in White wine/ Almejas al vino blancoThese meaty Clams (half order) are prepared in white wine sauce (Vino Blanco) with fresh parsley. Immediately we can taste the parsley which overpowered the more subtle flavour of this sauce. Compared to other restaurants,  one of our favourites for this sauce, where you can properly taste the subtle flavours  is at El Chamo,

Mussels in marinera/ Meillones a la MarineraThese Mussels in Marinara are not the best we have tasted here at Agua Y Sal. Too salty and lacking in flavour as well as too much parsley.
If you like mussels, try them in Sailor Sauce from Galicia. By far, the best presentation of this sauce we have tasted is at Verna’s here in South of Tenerife.

TiramisuAll desserts are homemade. This light and airy Tiramisu with excellent flavours it slipped down just a little too quickly.

Kiwi CheesecakeWhile the Tiramisu is nice, this kiwi cheesecake was not as impressive. Cheesecake is on the airy but runny with a hint of cheese. With dense crust and subtle kiwi flavors, this surely is nothing to write home about.

Dessert caseHowever, Agua Y Sal has many other desserts to select from!

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