Welcome to Tenerife Local Food Guide, your unbiased guide to local restaurants here in South of Tenerife.
We are food advocates who have resided on the island since Aug. 2014; from UK & USA/ S. Korea.

Some of our frustration when we first arrived was not only the lack of Spanish language but not knowing where to go, what to try and how to make sense of the differently rated TripAdvisor reviews in most touristic areas.
Hence our adventure of exploring began, looking for great local restaurants, with high standards, personal service and importantly, great value for money.

Since then, we have been collaborating with locals and residents from all over the world to create unbiased reviews and from our own dining experiences in the hope to guide you to a greater gastronomic experience.

There are an incredible number of restaurants on this island, and it is almost impossible to try them all.
This is partly due to the general lack of internet visibility, especially in rural areas, but also the hesitation to try something new when language may be the barrier. Our aim is to do the legwork for you by looking to find something local or cultural, fine or great dining, unique or different, traditional or creative to cater for everyone’s taste whilst attempting to support smaller local businesses.

Tenerife Local Food Guide is a non-profit organization having no affiliation or vested interest in any of the restaurants that are reviewed. However, it is our goal to provide both tourists and residents with honest opinions and reviews of local restaurants both to encourage participation in local cuisine whilst also supporting small local businesses by showcasing their restaurant potentially providing them with additional customer service.

Please note that menu items may have changed since our review as well as their presentations but we do try to regularly visit all the restaurants listed and update with our current opinions.

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